With R needle, reach through 1st st purlwise.

Catch front loop of 2nd st.

Draw 2nd st through 1st st.

Wrap your yarn to knit. Pull yarn through.

Complete the K stitch.

Move st back to L needle.

Repeat steps 1-6 across row.

Cut yarn and pull through last st.

Icelandic Bind-Off Step-by-Step Instructions

Icelandic Bind-Off: Tips and Tricks

One thing to help you do this bind-off faster is to get into a rhythm.

Don’t be afraid to stretch the stitches as you do them so that you can get into a rhythm and make sure that the bind-off comes out nice and even. If your tension varies a lot you’ll notice the bind-off won’t look as nice.

To go faster: when you put the stitch back on the left needle, leave the right needle-tip inserted in the stitch.

You will already be in position to catch the front loop of the second stitch and start the movement again.

Icelandic Bind-Off Tip 1

Also, make sure to push each completed stitch onto the barrel of the R needle, even if only briefly, before you pass it back to the left-hand needle.

This will keep the stitches from getting too tight.

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